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  1. PyroSoft


    What Keyboard did you order ?
  2. PyroSoft


    Raspberry PI in the sky me thinks.............
  3. PyroSoft


    Just this minute received an e-mail from Farrell saying they are happy to say that after the PRI hiccup they would be delivering early May !! Whoo......................... P!$$ Poor RPI Foundation I say.
  4. PyroSoft


    Please can we all keep quite or we will wake the forum up. Looks like this piece of fruit won’t become jam as its well off the boil. The RPI foundation should have been shot for allowing such a massive cock up of the manufacturing & Distribution.
  5. That did bring a smile to my face this morning I must admit !
  6. I am going to be looking down the road of a DMX lighting controller or one combined with a Music juke box type piece of software. Would be a cheap small solution to cafes and bars wanting background music or lighting control
  7. Hi All. I am struggling to understand why there are not hundreds or even thousands of project ideas posted here, surely people have some cracking ideas, anyone fancy sharing them on here ?
  8. At this rate the price will have gone up before any are sold !
  9. Just tested - all ok, apart from no users
  10. It seems to work a charm, just need a PI now and were in business.
  11. It doesn’t rain but it pours ! Lets hope I get one for Christmas !!!!
  12. Let the long boring wait begin......
  13. Hi Zag That is a very good informative guide and will help many users I am sure. I am looking at running mine of solar panel and battery combo, do you have a guide on how to create a micro USB lead that I can connect direct to a battery ? Cheers PyroSoft
  14. Just received official pdf doc to say “Stock is now allocated to your order†my item has been allocated to my order with a delivery date of W/C 14/05/2012
  15. I also have several web servers and virtual ESX5 hosts I don’t need anything at production level, just will be using the RPI as a LAMP box to demo to students

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