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  1. i think its been done to death on the official forums.. as people start to promote their projects/get fed up with the official forum it'll spread over to places like here
  2. finally found the proof i'd seen that c/c++ is an official language.. quote from eben "We"ll be supporting Python and C as our primary languages, but expect to have some sort of BASIC on there too. Perhaps even BBC BASIC or SuperBASIC depending on copyright issues."
  3. thing is.. these demo's are more about OpenGL than QT? (which is more like MFC on windows than anything else) i certainly wouldn't try to pass off an opengl windows app written in mfc as 'showing off the power of mfc' what is cool is that it looks like you can write using their creator on windows and 'publish' to an rpi
  4. there's been talk that a stub bootloader on a card would be able to then boot from a usb drive, but dont think its going to be a feature at day one
  5. apparently this was a mistake by farnell.
  6. many more in the same boat here (and a whole bunch on twitter now) http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/general-discussion/farnell-order-moved-out/
  7. theres 'C' looking code in there too? so whats interpretted and not? - giving thats theres an estinated 20% performance hit for non-compiled code. good job i had to learn javascript about a year ago when helping on a project, as although i'll be developing in straight C this will be fun to play with, and I might want to learn something from a sample written in it, or be able to prototype in it.
  8. a coworker was ahead of me at farnell (11am vs 2pm) and had the same date, he's had a slippage email too.. i've not had mine yet.
  9. Just saw someone mention this one on twitter http://raspberryhub.com/
  10. I agree with you completely, I know the Pi part stands for Python, but no one seems to want to discuss C or anything graphicsy on it very much. Considering the CPU isn't that hot, and the GPU is fairly decent its a bit of a suprise, I suspect people will kick off about the power when they have them in hand. Just like those who didn't realise it doesn't do VGA aren't too happy now they've found out what they've ordered! I'm sure after a few months of mass availibilty things will change. Even if Pi helps me learn more linux generally, and a helps me develop a boiler plate app, I know I can take OpenGL code to any platform, and that it'll scale to other similar SOCs, tablets and the like. (I'd love a RPi tablet)
  11. if it helps there are cheap variants of that behringer interface around for around 7 quid.. i use one with guitar rig
  12. early days, but i guess it'll happen in the end. give it a couple months after people actually have them in their hands and see? btw you are far from the first, and the foundation forum has been locking any posts like this as they done condone its use like that
  13. the RPi people are calling a cluster a "bramble".. not useful for performance as there isnt a high speed interface between each part.. and the cpu isnt that powerful
  14. nice find! i will also probably make my stuff cross compile with windows at some point, but i'm sure i'll have at least 2 RPi's in my hands by the time i get going with my project/s. (my planned engine visualises several 'dynamically' produced sets of data shall we say.. but could also be fed a music stream like a fourier output) i found this.. "step by step how to construct a 3d engine in C using OpenGL" http://www.spacesimulator.net/wiki/index.php?title=3d_Engine_Programming_Tutorials the good thing about opengl is that its mostly the same API across all platforms

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