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  1. Hi guys, So I'm in the planning phase of making myself a guitar out of LEGO. It should be a pretty simple build, with all the parts from an old electrical guitar put in place in a body of LEGO. But then I thought, "Maybe I could use the Raspberri Pi for added awesomeness??" (Keep in mind that this is all brainstorming) I figured I'd have to have audio go in through USB, and out through the audio-out port and into speaker/AMP or whatever. Is there currently any software that would work with the Raspberri Pi, that could give me the needed effects? Is it even possible, or am I only dreaming? (I have no experience at all with Linux) Hope anyone with a bit more experience that myself has some input. EDIT: Theoretically I should be able to entirely skip the AMP, and maybe even add speakers directly to the guitar. That would be fantastic! http://www.amazon.com/Behringer-UCG102-Guitar-to-USB-Interface/dp/B000PAPO9W Something like this could be used for Guitar to USB

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