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  1. Thanks I've been looking for a small wireless stick. Good to know it works.
  2. I have that mini keyboard and touchpad for another device, works very well in such a small package.
  3. ictsteve


    There is a slight "plasticy" smell coming from mine after prolonged use but nothing to bad. I guess the components are working hard.
  4. To be fair to the foundation, they have delivered on the $35 and $25 price tags for these devices. Even a RAM bump on the main one. I wonder what is next for then A model C?
  5. This is pretty awesome news, all new Raspberry Pi's will come with 512MB of RAM for the same price. I wonder what new applications will work now. http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/2180
  6. Maybe for some advanced projects, but as a learning device its quite well suited. Also its good to have hardware limits so that people learn to program efficiently.
  7. I've just seen a new OS released specifically for use with the raspberry Pi and QT http://wiki.qt-project.org/QtonPi Has anyone used it yet? I'm wondering if it would be useful for more advanced teaching.
  8. I've been keeping an eye on these as well. Expect prices to go up though.
  9. Heartening to see some parents teaching their kids at home.
  10. Same for me Just pre-order pages. It looks like neither site even had the products in the first place ready to go. What a joke...
  11. Just found this site, thanks for setting it up. So do we have any other teachers around? What are your Raspberry Pi plans?

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