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  1. Yes the market is big, but I use It also for my Privacy I also trust the company because I uses their Vpn for my iPhone too hehe.
  2. In short the Raspberry Pi acts as a router with VPN, and it uses openvpn protocol, rsa keys of 2048 bit and port 69. Can be used with up to 10 devices (phone, tv, pc, game console xD ) I've ordered the Pre-configured memory from them, so that everything was already pre-set for automatic activation, I had just connected the Wire hehe For me is a good idea because: 1) I live abroad.. then the VPN is very useful to me 2) I'm not using a normal router.. but the Raspberry pi that will cover ALL my devices 3) just for security, an encrypted connection is always better than a public (but this is just a my opinion) I hope this can Help someone here.
  3. Hi guys, If you need a Vpn for your Raspberry Pi and all your Devices there is Vpn One Click for Raspeberry Pi! http://www.vpnoneclick.com/howitworks/howtousemain/vpnrouter/index.html
  4. Hi All, I wanted to show you how those guys of Vpn One Click decided to use the Raspberry Pi, personally I think it's a great idea and very useful for all! http://www.vpnoneclick.com/howitworks/howtousemain/vpnrouter/index.html What do you think about that?
  5. I'm New too here, And I like It a Lot XD keep it up guys!!

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