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1) I've forgotten my forum login password!

Click HERE to request your password to be emailed to you. And then go edit your password and change it to something you won't forget!


2) I've registered but still can't login or post on the forums. Or I didn't receive an activation email.

After registering you need to activate your account. Did you get an activation email? If not, please check that you don't have a spam filter stopping emails from us. (emails are sent from webmaster@thefruitycomputer.com). If you haven't received an email 24 hours after when you registered, then please re-register, as all pending accounts are automatically deleted after 24 hours.


3) I can't log in to TheFruityComputer.com - my registration seems to have disappeared!

We don't delete user accounts. It's more than likely you have forgotten your login name. Depending on how you originally setup your account, you might have a different login and display name. To remember what it was, please use the lost password link to have it e-mailed to you.


4) I am not receiving your emails.

Please make sure that you have allowed emails from us in your email spam filter. You need to allow everything from @raspberrypiforums.com.


5) I am interested in advertising my company/products/services.

Please email webmaster@thefruitycomputer.com for further details.


6) I want to send you news for the website/products to review.

Please submit your news by emailing webmaster@thefruitycomputer.com


7) I want to swap links with RaspberryPiForums.com

We do not participate in link exchange.


8) I need help on how to use the forums.

Please check our Help pages.


9) Someone posted something in the forums which I think breaks the forum rules.

Please report the post by clicking the Report button located at the bottom left of the post in question. We definitely want to know. And thanks!


10) I'm a retailer. Can I tell forum visitors about my services?

Please email webmaster@thefruitycomputer.com for further details.


11) I'm in the Computer industry and I'd like to contribute but will that be considered advertising the company I represent/work for?

We encourage industry insiders to participate in the forums in order to increase the amount of qualified information being posted. And we also encourage people to be open about who they work for or represent so that readers can judge for themselves the impartiality/worth/validity of the opinions being stated. Please check the forum rules if you are unclear about exactly what you may and may not write in posts and in your signature. If in doubt, please email webmaster@thefruitycomputer.com


12) I can't find a topic I previously saw in a forum. Where has it gone?

Topics can be deleted or moved. If a topic breaks forum rules, then a moderator may have deleted it. If a topic is posted in an inappropriate forum, then a moderator may have moved it. Using the 'My Content' link in your username drop-down menu is the fastest way to find your posts.


13) I've got a technical question related to my Pi.

If your query is of a technical nature, please use the specific forum that best covers your question.


14) My enquiry hasn't been covered above. How do I contact you?

Please email webmaster@thefruitycomputer.com


Last Updated 12th January 2014.

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