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Raspberry Pi VirtualBox


Mirrored file, originally posted in this topic: http://www.raspberry...-with-added-cow




User is rpi and password is password.

The Ubuntu host that the VirtualBox image provides has Python & Geany installed on it so you can follow the programming tutorials at:



If you wish to emulate an actual ARM device, launch LXTerminal and:


which will download and unpack the Debian ARM disk image, a kernel and a launch file.

cd debian


Enter the password for sudo (remembering that the password is password) and it will show a couple of lines of setup.


Launch xtightvncviewer from right at the bottom of the Other menu (click bottom left to get to the menus).

Type localhost and press return.

This will connect you to the Debian ARM 'screen' so you can actually see something.

Login as root, password is password.


cat /proc/cpuinfo and lo, you are in a copy of Debian that is running on an ARM processor.


Nothing is installed expect the bare minimum to get you in – it does have apt sources setup so you can start installing straightaway.


If you want to really confuse yourself, why not setup just like the Ubuntu host is:

apt-get install lxde xorg python geany

Ensure you click in the VNC viewer window so that when you are asked for keyboard/character set options you see the dialog boxes come up. If you forget, just click and press an up or down key to get the window to refresh.


As LXDE isn't keen on the root user logging in, add a new user:

adduser userNameOfYourChoiceHere

You will be prompted to enter a new password – it is important that you remember it!


shutdown -r now

and when it comes back, you can login with your new user and password. You can surf the internet with IceWeasel (a bug fixed version of FireFox) and program Python with Geany.

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I'm also trying to figure out how to gain permission to download this image. I'm just starting to learn about Raspberry Pi and want to use the VM image to get my feet wet before buying the board. What do I need to do to get permission to download?

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For some reason when I try to type the pipe (|) character I'm getting a tilde (~) while in the emulator. The tilde (~) also produces another character that I can't type here. Is there a way to fix the keyboard mappings?

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High! I´m new, very new. The first hours with my raspberry pi. I think I have to water it, that it can grow. May be it was not enough water till now. It does not want. Tomorrow I will take some Linux to fertilize. If not, I will not make myself familiar with this great little computer. Thanks for this site.

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Obrigado, caso haja alguém interessado em trocar e ampliar conhecimento em Arquitetura ARM e Programação, tenho estudado o tema.

Estou buscando formas de usar um simulador/emulador com MAC, já uso o VirtualBox, porém este apenas roda arquitetura do host e da familia x86, mas vou fazer uns testes esta semana com QEMU

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