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  2. Have you ever thought it would be great to have a remote viewer for your GoPro? You know, no more having to look directly at the GoPro to see what it is seeing? Check out this possibility of using Raspberry Pi to set up a VLC to be used as a mini monitor for your GoPro. YouTube is definitely my go-to source these days for seeing demos on how things work. Recently I've used it to fix my dishwasher and also to clean out remote lint from a friend's clothes dryer. Seriously, I should have done a video on that one myself because the amount of lint I pulled out was really ridiculous. Guess they had never really cleaned it out (or at least not very well), so the "old" lint just kept getting pushed back deeper and deeper until there was a massive, dense barrier of lint, so thick that their clothes weren't drying. Fortunately, the dryer didn't catch on fire! Ah, but I digress... Here's a link to a recent post where a gal explores using Raspberry Pi to create a viewer that can be used with a GoPro. She runs into trouble though, and is reaching out to the community for suggestions and possible solutions. I thought it would be a pretty handy application (if she can get it working) and wanted to make the community aware of it to help solve her issue. Comments and suggestions to help should be made on her YouTube post.
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